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Title Zila Ghaziabad
Cast Sanjay Dutt, Vivek Oberoi, Arshad Warsi
Director Anand Kumar
Genre Thriller
Year 2013

Fauji (Arshad Warsi) is the bane of Ghaziabad- a short-tempered goon with a penchant for solving every problem with violence. Needless to say, Fauji is used as an enforcer by unscrupulous land sharks and politicians for their own needs.

When Fauji kills the elder brother of Satbir (Vivek Oberoi) following a misunderstanding, the law-abiding Satbir decides to take law into his own hands and seeks vengeance with an insatiable blood lust. When things get out of control and the police get tired of the constant media-bashing over the law and order situation, the top officials decide to rope in Thakur Pritam Singh (Sanjay Dutt), a maverick cop, who doesn’t believe in playing by the rules.

How Pritam manages to demolish the two gangs with a diabolical plan, forms the rest of the story.


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