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Title Rajdhani Express
Cast Jimmy Shergill, Sayali Bhagat, Leander Paes
Director Ashok Kohli
Genre Drama
Year 2013
Keshav, an errand boy for a gun runner, steals the weapon and a ticket to escape and travel in Rajdhani Express from Delhi to Mumbai. Inside the train his fate is no better. Distanced, ridiculed and humiliated, he reacts by pointing his gun at his co-passengers. All Hell breaks loose.
Deputy Commissioner at ATS, Yadav, sees and extracts a political mileage from the situation. He weaves a web, endangering not only Keshav, but also other travelers in it. His motive is to get even with his boss, the Minister of Home, whose parents also happen to be on the train. While the media plays into the hands of Yadav, can Keshav escape the trap?
If so, how?
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