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Title Monica
Cast Divya Dutta, Ashutosh Rana, Rajit Kapoor, Yashpal Sharma, Kitu Gidwani, Sandeep Misra
Director Sushen Bhatnagar
Genre Drama
Year 2011

Monica Jaitley (Divya Dutta) is an ambitious woman who wants to become a byline of import. But journalism, like most other fields, is a battleground meant for balsy women. She may have transcended her small town bearings and outgrown her laidback husband (Rajit Kapoor), but it doesn't take long for the careerist to realise that breaking news can often end up breaking hearts too. More importantly, it can be injurious to life, specially if it entails hobnobbing with sinister politicians (Ashutosh Rana), cold-blooded power brokers (Sandeep Misra) and hard-boiled industrialists (Kitu Gidwani).

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