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Cast Rohini Hattangadi, Raju Kher, Ashish Duggal, Rita Joshi, Simran Vaid, Kabier Sawhney
Director Mohan Sharma
Genre Drama
Year 2008

The film is a salute to the spirit of Mumbai and World Humanity. The Natural catastrophe, which destructed many lives of People and Property and laid the bare fact that nobody, is above nature. But the human spirit moves ahead to fight and make his and other lives for a better tomorrow. An example to glory and the fighting spirit of Mumbaikars.

The people from all class and segment of life come under the roof of Barista on that fateful night of 26th July and the trauma they undergo each in their own way.

The Hero and Heroine who are accidentally at Barista console their friends & people at Barista while they are under turmoil and trauma.

Their love is an emotion which is subtle but denotes how love can overcome the saga of natural calamity and two strangers are bound by an unknown feeling which is all prevalent and essence of life.


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