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Cast Kunal Khemu,Tulip Joshi,Aushima Sawhney,Reema Lagoo
Director Rohit Jugraj
Genre Drama
Year 2008

Karan is the son of a rich and ambitious film producer and is soon to-be-launched as a superstar. Karan is a fun-loving guy and acting is the last thing on his life's agenda. Kunal is a struggling actor whose misfortune is - that he resembles the to-be superstar Karan. Karan's reluctance in acting is compensated by Kunal who becomes a duplicate for Karan. His dreams of becoming a superstar are shattered as he is only perceived as Karan's duplicate. In one of their outdoor shootings, Karan & Kunal meet with an accident which results in the death of Karan. Karan's dad, the rich producer, twists the situation in a way that Kunal is forced to become Karan. Thus, the death of Karan in effect results in the death of Kunal's identity. Does Kunal continue to live this life of deceit? Does he get used to his fake splendor? Or does he retaliate?

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