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Cast Isha Koppikar, Preeti Jhingiani, Raj Babbar, Kiran Jangani
Director Vicky Ranawat
Genre Drama
Year 2007

HASEENA (Isha Koppikar) in her Mid Thirty, Achieved everything in life. A live - in relation with a Rich Business Tycoon .J.K. (Raj Babbar) for company- Bungalows- Villa's- A Business empire and all. TheĀ  riches of modern day life. But one thing she could not get and that was the tag of a housewife She was destined to her fate, till one day, a young bay of nineteen Rahul (Kiran Janjani) became her need - she got attracted towards him - and he fulfilled her bodily needs. Haseena blossomed in Rahul's company - but she was for a rude shock when Rahul unknowingly fell, in love with Tina (Priti Jhangiani) J.K's daughter. She accepted their marriage only because she could not loose Rahul-After marriage she tried to get Rahul nearer to her, but rahul was a changed man
Haseena tried every card in her pack to woo Rahul- But Rahul made Haseena understand the consequences But Haseena was adamant - and a day
came when Tina came to know about it. All hell broke loose Rahul was bath the woman's need One had too loose and one had too win -lost to get Rahul
-is to guessed .
And the answer lies in seeing HASEENA on the Silver Screen.

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