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Cast Nagarjuna, Reema Sen, Simran, Suman Ranganathan
Director K S Ravikumar
Genre Drama
Year 2007

Meenakshils a simple village girl who gets married to Ajay a city based actor Meenakshi and Ajay go abroad for their honeymoon where Meenakshi fractures her hand in an accident. Meenakshi and Ajay comes back to India. Rani who is Meenakshi's younger sister comes to stay with Rani to look after her. Rani starts liking Ajay and wants to marry him hence she refuses to marry anyone. She also insults Raja who is deeply in love with Rani. Rani tries to commit suicide when Meenakshi asks her Rani tells her the truth. Meenakshi promises Rani that she will persuade Ajay to marry her. When Meenakshi tells Ajay about this he becomes angry and refuses for this but to make Meenakshi realize her foolishness he agrees to marry Rani. On the day of marriage when Meenakshi's parents come to know that Ajay is the groom they are shocked but Ajay tells them it is because of Meenakshi that he is willing to marry Rani. He asks Meenakshi to remove her mangalsutra so that he can tie it in Rani's neck but Meenakshi being a typical Indian girl refuses to remove her mangalsutra. Ajay puts forth a condition that he will marry only if she removes her mangalsutra. Now Rani realizes her mistake and asked Ajay to forgive her. In the end Rani gets married to Raja. '

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