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Cast Sameer Dharmadhikari, Mona Chopra (Sherlyn Chopra),Prashant Narayanan,Mukesh Tiwari
Director Shivram Yadav
Genre Drama
Year 2007

Life is a sweet experience. Oath is sweeter than life. But the transition from life to death is a  painstaking Game. And not everybody wants to reach the other end of the Game i.e. death.
For Ronnie, life was the sweetest thing to happen and he lived life to its fullest. But the world of which he was a part was a place where a blunder and life turned into death the next instant. And Ronnie did blunder:.. .
The world turned upside down for Ronnie before he could realise. The hounds of his own world were let loose on him. Mario the fiercest of the chieftains whom Roonie likened dearer than a brother turned the tables against him. Braganza who likened Ronnie like a son, all of a sudden was baying for his blood. Ronnie knew that he couldn't match up to the might of Braganza cold-blooded Pandit and others... but as they put it philosophically... necessity is the mother of all inventions. And Ronnie did invent a Game...
But the Game proves to be lethal for some innocent people who were caught in the maze set by Roonie. The likes of Rahul and Tina were mercilessly trapped and their lives were at stake in the Game of Ronnie. But for Ronnie nothing is more precious or sweeter than his own life he wants to live at any cost ... no mater whoever dies.

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