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Cast Himesh Reshammiya,Mallika Sherawat,Hansika Motwani
Director Prashant Chadha
Genre Drama
Year 2007

The movie begins with a dead body of a TV journo, Nadia Merchant, being found in a remote area, somewhere in Germany. Soon after, HR is arrested after a concert for murdering the television journalist. HR is put behind bars and the incidents begin to unravel as the movie goes into a flashback.

While on a concert in Germany, HR meets the event organizer [Darshan Jariwala] and his partner [Mallika Sherawat]. He also meets the event planner [Hansika Motwani] and its love at first sight. Love blossoms. After initial reservations, Hansika's father [Sachin Khedekar] approves of the match.

Things take a turn when HR is arrested. He asks Mallika, also a lawyer, to bail him out. But hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Mallika is in love with HR, but the rockstar loves Hansika. He escapes from his prison cell after taking the murdered TV journalist's father [Raj Babbar] as captive. He has to find the actual murderer in one single day, or else his sweetheart will be married off to someone else.

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